The value of gold unleashed

The worlds only credit card designed for gold bullion savers. Conveniently borrow against the value of stored gold. Coming fall 2017

Anyone can have a
Goldsafe card*

The Gold Safe card is the worlds first credit card designed specifically for savers of gold bullion. The card is available to anyone regardless of personal status. As long as you open a gold storage account with one of our selected partners you will be able to unleash the value of your gold everyday. You won't ever have to sell your gold and that means your gold is still safe and growing. Just spend its value* as you wish, whenever you need extra cash.

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Registered address: 65 Compton Street, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 0BN | Registration Number: 08322659
*Card ownership subject to applicant acquiring gold and storage from one of our approved partners
**Value is based on a determined loan to value ratio provided at the time of card application typically between 50-60%